God’s word is powerful

Somebody took the time to make a bunch of short movies out of some of the infamous Jack Chick tracts. Here’s one of it, from the tract “Bewitched” (plot: teenage girl dabbles in drugs and the occult, but gets saved thanks to her relentlessly praying Grandmother). Seeing Chick’s stories in film doesn’t improve his crudely sketched turn-or-burn-theology and offrange exegesis.

Still, I couldn’t help but be deeply touched by the conversion experience that was so awkwardly shown in the movie. If the cheesy portrayal of this miracle of salvation has the power to move a Christian skeptic as me the way  it just did, I can only stand amazed and wonder what deep joy God must feel when he can call home what is his.

Isn’t it amazing that God might just be able to do incredible stuff through a person with a frightening theology and a lot of love for Jesus?

Peace out for today, here’s the link:



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