This dude makes me angry…

For clarification: I do believe that God created different genders for a reason. Men and women are biologically and emotionally different, no matter how many gender ethics classes are going to try to convince me otherwise. I believe it’s a good thing if men treat women with respect and treat them as women. I would consider myself to be moderately “gentleman-like” when it comes to cultural standards such as holding doors open, taking the side closer to the road when walking at the road, a tradition which historically does not stem from the danger of the woman being hit by a car (that would have actually been a carriage some centuries years ago) but from the simple fact, that the guy would be the one who gets dirty if aforementioned carriage would pass with high speed, spinning its wheels through the occasional puddle of shit & piss (I’m sorry for the graphic description and the choice of words, but that’s the way life is) that you would frequently have found in cities around 1753, a period of time where Mr. Driscoll might have felt very much at home if it weren’t for those stupid wigs. But even so, better me than her anyhow. Guys have strong body odor anyway. Fun little fact: when entering a restaurant, guys are actually supposed to enter first (to protect the lady from unseen dangers that might lurk behind the door) a tradition that has been long forgotten and abandoned by most gentleman… sad story that is. If however, the restaurant has a glass door, the lady walks in first. Anyway, this is about Driscoll, not the particulars of chivalry.

My thoughts on the videos:

  • Could people please stop trying to support their distorted gender views by forcing biblical passages to say something which they actually don’t do? I’ll let a real theologian (unlike me) speak to analyze Marks exegesis: “I’ll try to be careful here… but there really isn’t a way to balance this out. I think I need to just come right out and say: The exegesis displayed here is just plain awful. (source:”
  • There are many ways to “provide for ones own”. Staying home, taking care of the kids, cooking, cleaning, etc… there might be the time when circumstances demand that this is the way to do this for a man. Basically calling stay-home-dads lazy do-no-gooders who are being irresponsible towards their divinely ordained duty bears no scriptural support and borders on spiritual abuse. Administering church discipline to such men, is simply driving away men who take responsibility for their family. Mark Driscoll is preaching to thousands who suck in that stuff and believe it.
  • Someone please tell me he is kidding about the room mates… someone please tell me he is kidding about the phone call… driving 5 hours because she forgot to call seems creepy enough but is somewhat understandable, if you are young, concerned and in love. I had similar thoughts, too (not because she didn’t call, but because I missed her). Knocking on the door and leaving after “just checking” if everything is alright?? What is wrong, he just spent 5 hours behind the wheel, he might at least take a walk with the girl.
  • While I can easily dismiss the last point as highly exaggerated long distance relationship anecdotes, one thing really creeps me out: Mark Driscoll is filtering his wife’s email. This doesn’t mean that he just set up an email filter for her (which would be ok, apparently it’s mostly the guys who are tech-savvy enough for that kind of stuff). But he is also reading anything that is not on the whitelist filter he set up for her! Is he also opening her mail? Reading her short messages? Taping her phone calls?
  • This is not about Mark Driscoll in particular, even though his statements make me angry. I know there are a lot of guys out there who think and act the way Mark does and a lot of girls dig the way these men behave and confuse it with chivalry. It is a sad thing to see.

4 Responses to This dude makes me angry…

  1. Cathy says:

    If Mark Driscoll is really as protective of women as he claims in the video, why would he be willing to subject women to the world of sodomy, sex toys and Christian Nymphos?

  2. Phil says:

    I can’t believe what he is saying… most of it probably stems from his good intentions and I really believe that he is loving is wife, but as the German saying goes “gut gemeint ist das Gegenteil von gut gemacht” – especially with biblical exegesis. (bumpy translation of the saying: good intentions are the opposite of good achievements)

    Concerning 1Tim 5:8, do I have to mention that it is about Widows? The words “male/female” are nowhere mentioned, and the whole paragraph is about _(grownup)_children_ and _grandchildren_ caring for their _(grand)_mothers_! That is, if they do not fulfill their duties according to the 5th commandment (Ex 20:12 – to “honour” implies to care for…) they are worse than an unbeliever.

  3. room2blog says:

    @Phil: Exactly. Mark seems like a cool and likable guy to hang out with and I’m sure he means no harm. Unfortunately he might be doing a lot of it with his gender theology.
    Well, he is very on point with his allegory for sin based on Jeremiah 2, so some slack should be cut for him:

  4. Cathy says:

    Cut Mark Driscoll some slack?…That is precisely the problem. For sure, he can deliver a good sermon when he wants to, but one simply cannot ignore this “other side” of Mark Driscoll, who can also distort Scripture. Take this sermon below he gave in Scotland in 2007 on the Song of Solomon. He contaminates it with figments of his own imagination and acts like some immature high school jock bragging about his sexual escapades with a bunch of guys,… and “the men in Scotland loved it!

    Furthermore, I submit he doesnt respect women. Any man who respects his wife would protect her from bragging with the guys about wanting to stare at his wifes’ rear as she walked through the grocery store. A real man would know that there is conversation that should be kept private. Mark Driscoll has two sides. He is reckless and he is bringing shame to the Body of Christ. Come on men. Protect your wives and daughters from the corrupting influence of this man. He is not fit for the pulpit.

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